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Lagerloudz consists of 4 musicians all wearing tight pants, rivets and dark eyeliner. They’re always ready to rock any stage they step onto. The lyrics in their music are all about frustration, aggression, rebellion and of course love. Païn Punch’s vocals manage to hit even the rear audience, with his unique ability to convey the emotion of the music.

At his side we find the attention-grabbing Terror Trucker, who delivers a solid bass and backing vocals. Watch out for this guy, as he’s known for making forays into the audience carrying his trusty bass guitar with him! Guitarist Mad´dog McMeniac impresses with amazing guitar riffs and red hot solos. The final member of the band is Stixx Starr, who skilfully steers the battle from behind his wall of drums.


An evening in the company of Lagerloudz provides the basis for a kickass party where the audience can’t help but be dragged right into the center of the storm.


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Dust N´Rusty Productions

Egeskovvej 2

DK-4760 Vordingborg



+45 20722947


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Lagerloudz Music



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Delinquent Records USA





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