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Stripped to the bone LAGERLOUDZ is just four guys - the classic "guitar, drum, bass and vocal" lineup. That said, these boys are anything but stripped! If you dislike glam attitude and stage insanity don't look twice at this quartet of hell raisers. But if you're looking for a mind numbing concert experience, they should be number 1 on your list! This RocknRoll four leaf clover takes to the stage with a rarely seen enthusiasm, conquering the hearts of the audience from the first note, battling for attention as if on a crusade to reinstate hair-metal into the heavens as the purest form of rock! LAGERLOUDZ music & stage show stretches the boundaries of sexuality, conformity and expression; blowing the minds of the common folk, and never gives the audience a moments peace to pick their jaws up from the floor. THAT is LAGERLOUDZ.

Album out now!



We are proud to give you our brand new album "Hold On Tight"

The album is recorded in Emil Sauer Studios, Copenhagen.

Distributed in stores and online by Warner Music, Denmark

Release date September 9th. 2013

Tracklist "Hold On Tight"


1. Fill My Heart With Rock

2. Hairspray And Airplay

3. Hey You (single)

4. Rollercoaster Ride

5. Backstage Drunk

6. Beg For Less


7. Welcome to My Nightmare

8. Baby Your My Rock

9. Haters

10. Alive (single)

11. Let´s Get Drunk Tonight


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